Expo Line Song

We were so excited about the opening of the Expo Line Train to Santa Monica (where we live), that we literally BURST INTO SONG.  And then made a lil' video featuring all the awesomeness people posted on Instagram using the Repost App.  Here's a handy link, if you need it:  http://bit.ly/expolinesong

We rode the Expo Line very first thing this morning to our monthly sing-a-long at Children's Book World...  and then came back and sang the song on the couch in our studio.

Thanks for listening, and thanks to the following Opening Day Riders / Instagram Users for showing us (& the world) your awesome moments:  @jkjumps @fatbabystore @scooterdeb @zodiakkillamusic @sarahbearclaw @alejandro_berto @chongaj @marcophotola @reinbein @mrsmoeno @objectsofinterest @geofuzzy @cityofsantamonica @wholefoods @andrewandpolly @allanmcleod @arichane @ingostastydiner @_jaybyrd_ @mochipark @tatiaoshidari @raillaorg @errriiikaaa @whatisthewish @katherineannerose @100actsoflove @madebymiapark @mike_lutz @frankthefox @curlyjodie @kokoto1234 @studiotk @leslielfields @jessnritz @lornamcleanthomas @dawngracias @kerryvasquez @anotherpoopjoke @deathwishdena @watanabeyukiko