Happy Birthday, Mister Rogers

Happy Birthday, Fred! 

Last June,

PBS released a touching video remix

of dialogue from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood auto-tuned into a melody by Symphony of Science.  We were so moved that we wanted to sing it, too!


We hope you like our version of it, and hope it's okay with Mister Rogers & John Boswell that we made it.  You can stream it on




, but it's not available for download.  Our friend, the incredibly talented Nicole Wietrak, made an amazing painting while listening to the song.

We both grew up on Mister Rogers, but looking back as adults we find his message all the more inspiring.  Fred McFeely Rogers innovated direct, respectful educational programming for young people and advocated passionately for our responsibility to

invest in high-quality media for children

.  Gentle, patient, compassionate, full of thought, wonder, and conviction --- on what would have been Mister Roger's 85th birthday, we'd like to share this song with you. 

“It’s good to be curious about many things. You can think about things and make believe – all you have to do is think – and they’ll grow.” – Mister Rogers

The ASCAP Foundation Awards

Last week, we attended the ASCAP Foundation Awards and received the 2012 Joe Raposo Children's Music Award for our song, "When You're a Dog."  We even had the honor of performing our song for the guests - we felt so fancy!  It was a real treat to perform in the Allen Room at Jazz at Lincoln Center.

It was really wonderful to meet members of the Raposo Family, who sponsor the award in honor of Joe Raposo.

We couldn't go in without backup - so we assembled a dog choir!  Friends of ours graciously volunteered their time (from left to right) - Alexis Weiss, Pedro Soto, Mara Levi & Chad Mills.

And we got some good press, too!  Check it out!