Andrew & Polly Golden Gate Tour

We had LOTS of fun on our Golden Gate Tour.  Nine shows in 5 days - that's a lot of bananas! Thanks to all our hosts - to all the teachers, parents, schools and community centers that opened your hearts and homes - thank you.  We made some wonderful new friends.

Check out this first-class fan mail from the Class of 2021 at The Cathedral School for Boys.


Malu in Long Island City

While we were in New York, we played a really wonderful show at an ice cream shop in Long Island City named Malu. Big thanks to Jennifer from Malu for hosting us, and for our friend Lauren Cregor for coordinating the show! We had a great turnout and met some new friends - and the home-made ice cream was SUPER DELICIOUS.  Can't wait to go back for seconds.

Saturday Singalong at Books and Cookies

Books and Cookies is one of our favorite spots in town, and they have tons of great activities (including music class with Polly!).  If you need to interject a little bit of Interesting into your week, check out their event calendar!  Our show on December 10 was super duper fun and we are donating 100% of our tips from the show (about $100) to Ocean Park Community Center. We are excited to join their lineup of Saturday morning fun and hope to see you there on January 21!

What a cool place!

Ring, ring - it's for you!

Andrew tries to get a clearer signal on his Bananaphone!

Great turnout.

Enthusiastic crowd!

Brushing our teeth.

Goofy goofy people.

We brought our Glockenspiel!

Wheels on the bus...

Sun comes out and dries up all the rain.

What other kinds of spiders can we have?

Post Sing-a-long instrument play.

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