Andrew & Polly are award-winning music makers and the hosts of Ear Snacks, a podcast for young kids. Their seriously catchy earworms ("Grapes," "Dancing Pants") and inventive re-imaginings  of classic favorites ("Forever Young," "Ghostbusters") are smart, quirky, and full of heart.

The duo's self-produced albums have received Parents' Choice Awards (Odds & Ends, 2015 / Ear Snacks, 2016).  Andrew & Polly were honored to receive the ASCAP Foundation Joe Raposo Children's Music Award in 2012.

Together, Andrew & Polly compose and produce music for television and film.  Their production credits include songs for Wallykazam!, Sesame Studios, the score to the Welcome To The Wayne and a bunch of boring commercials and films for grownups.

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"Seriously catchy." - PopSugar Moms

"Kids music that's actually good." - Cool Mom Picks

"It's folky and smart and weird by the way." - Stefan Shepherd, Zooglobble

"For a generous helping of sunny warmth, gentle humor and expert musicianship, look no further...than children's music artists Andrew & Polly."  - Parents Choice Foundation

"If your favorite indie pop group composed the soundtrack to Saturday morning cartoons the result would be the happy, imaginative sound of Andrew & Polly."  - Red Tricycle LA

It's a podcast for kids about the world.

Andrew & Polly and their friends consider music, science, art and culture in a fun-filled family-friendly podcast that parents enjoy and younger kids eat right up.


Want to be on the show or have a question you want answered on-air?
E-mail us: earsnacks@andrewandpolly.com

Thank you to all the Ear Snacks Kids and families for participating in this crazy fun experiment.

Season 1 Thank You's:

Ace, Ada, Addie, Ainsley, Akiva, Allais, Alex, Ana, Antoinette Portis, Archer, Arlo, Astronomer Kate, Betula, Birdie, BUBBE, Capella, Charlie, Chloe, Collin, Cory Hills, Darby, Desmond, Devin, Devora, Eddie B., Eliza Gregory, Ella, Elliot, Ellis, Elsa, Elyse, Eric Morrill, Farmer Mike, Fran, Frances England, Gabe Davis, Gavin S., Gavin W., George, Georgia, GILAD, Grandma Joan, Grant, Greg Chun, Grey, Gus Koven, Gussy, Guy, HANK, Hadley, Henry, Hunter, Hollie, Ida, Izzy, Jasmine, Jenn Salcido, Jesse, Johanna Silver, Johannes Girardoni, Johnny, Kalinga, Kat Vondy, Katarina, Katy Buckbee, Kaylee, Kerry Falwell, Kevin & Louise, Konrad, Lane, LeE, Libby, Lil' J, Liliana, Lindsay, Live Oak Fiddle Camp, Logan, Luca, Lucky Diaz, Luke R., Luke S., Madison, Maja, Manny, Marea, Maria, Marshall Escamilla, Mat Kaplan, Mimi, Mindy Thomas, Miriam, Mista Cookie Jar, Nigel Mills, Noa, Norah, Oden, Palmer, Penny, Pops, Phoebe Anderson-Dana, Quentin, Rebecca Johnson, Rosie, Ruslan, Sadie A, Sadie D, Sergio Avila, Sarah Kostin, Sharon & Children’s Book World, Tanner,
The Raposo Family, Tori Kerr, Westley, William A., Xavier, Zoe, Zora.



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Andrew & Polly compose and produce songs and score for children's television, advertising and independent film.  Polly Hall is an Emmy-Nominated songwriter and Andrew Barkan has composed score for over 45 independent films, including five features.  Their advertising experience includes work for GE, Levi's, Toyota, Nike, Starbucks and Sprint.

Their work in children's television includes songs for Wallykazam, the score to the Nick Digital Series "Welcome to the Wayne," the score for "The Outsiders" and digital projects for Sesame Studios and Disney.

E-mail andrewandpolly@andrewandpolly.com for licensing and work-for-hire requests - thank you for your interest. 

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