Ear Snacks: Pairs

Happy Valentine's Day!

We took a little hiatus in January, but we're excited to share our newest episode of Ear Snacks just in time for Valentine's Day...  Pairs!  As it turns out, there are many different kinds of pairs.

In this episode, Jenn Salcido drops some seahorse knowledge, Kevin & Louise return to Ear Snacks to share what they know about each other. Thanks to Palmer, Sadie A, Sadie D, Capella, Marea, Tanner, Hunter, Ruslan, Manny, Kalinga, Westley, Devon, Gavin & Lane (and their parents) for participating in this delicious episode of Ear Snacks!

This was the first time we weren't able to work in every one of our friends - so stay tuned throughout the month for special Ear Snacks Extras!

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