Ear Snacks for Parents: Fruit Activities

If you've subscribed to Ear Snacks, you may have seen this week's installment is a double-dose - an Ear Snacks Extra (some music to listen to while you read "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" by Eric Carle) as well as the very first Ear Snacks for Parents!

Ear Snacks for Parents is our chance to let you tall people know what we're thinking, give some recommendations and invite other people in to talk about parent-relevant stuff.  This month listen in for the companion to Season 1, Episode 1:  Fruit!

As promised, here are some FRUIT ACTIVITIES!!!

Easy Fruit Crafts

Make a fruit fan or shaker!

Summer = watermelon, right?  Idea #1 - make a paper plate watermelon fan - OR - make a watermelon shaker.  Follow these instructions to make a paper plate shaker but then have the kids paint it all watermelon-y.


DIY Apple Stamps

This is a great tutorial on how to make greeting cards with an apple and non-toxic paint.  You can also make a custom stamp by cutting a "heel" off an apple and carving a simple image (heart, letter or a pattern like stripes or polka-dots).  You can make lime or lemon prints, as well.



The list on this website is awesome.  Some of these ideas are more for the classroom than for the home, but lots of great ideas here of ways to spend time together doing activities centered around fruit.  Best recommendations...

(1) Fingerprint Fruit Craft!  Make watermelon, blueberries, grapes, cherries - anything - with non-toxic stamps and your tiny person's fingerprints.  

(2) Seed Sort - save up some seeds from different fruits and then have your kid sort them into pill bottles.  Can they guess what kind of seed each one is?  If they shake the bottles, can you guess the seed (without seeing it)?  

(3)  Guess how many seeds are in a fruit.  Before you break open a piece of fruit, everyone guesses how many seeds are in it.  Open it up and count while you eat!  Write your answer on a piece of paper on the wall.  Do the same thing on another day and take another guess - were there the same number of seeds?

Plants We Eat Poster

I think this is a cool idea - here's the whole blog post from a kindergarten class.  Brainstorm all the PLANTS WE EAT with your tiny people and then make a poster.  Which ones are fruits!  What do they have in common?  Hang that thing on the wall.  BAM.  You are a super-parent!!!

Pinterest Stuff I'm Not Ever Going To Do

You are probably better people than we are, but there's a ton of adorable stuff on Pinterest that we are just not ever going to do.  But if you are amazing and can use the internet, it's a really exciting day for Fruit out there!