Welcome to Ear Snacks - our radical new podcast for kids, featuring kids!

So far we've interviewed 60 kids, 35 experts, and 2 giraffes to create over 7 hours of listening-thinking-doing experiences for young children and families around the world. Whether we're talking about shadows in your bedroom or those on Mars, Ear Snacks is fun and smart food for thought for our audience (of mostly 2-7 year-olds) and their incredible growing brains.

We just love thinking about ordinary things in extraordinary ways. So join us in our studio every month and stay tuned for Ear Snacks Extras!

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Thank you to all the Ear Snacks Kids and families for participating in this crazy fun experiment.

Season 1 Thank You's:

Ace, Ada, Addie, Ainsley, Akiva, Allais, Alex, Ana, Antoinette Portis, Archer, Arlo, Astronomer Kate, Betula, Birdie, BUBBE, Capella, Charlie, Chloe, Collin, Cory Hills, Darby, Desmond, Devin, Devora, Eddie B., Eliza Gregory, Ella, Elliot, Ellis, Elsa, Elyse, Eric Morrill, Farmer Mike, Fran, Frances England, Gabe Davis, Gavin S., Gavin W., George, Georgia, GILAD, Grandma Joan, Grant, Greg Chun, Grey, Gus Koven, Gussy, Guy, HANK, Hadley, Henry, Hunter, Hollie, Ida, Izzy, Jasmine, Jenn Salcido, Jesse, Johanna Silver, Johannes Girardoni, Johnny, Kalinga, Kat Vondy, Katarina, Katy Buckbee, Kaylee, Kerry Falwell, Kevin & Louise, Konrad, Lane, LeE, Libby, Lil' J, Liliana, Lindsay, Live Oak Fiddle Camp, Logan, Luca, Lucky Diaz, Luke R., Luke S., Madison, Maja, Manny, Marea, Maria, Marshall Escamilla, Mat Kaplan, Mimi, Mindy Thomas, Miriam, Mista Cookie Jar, Nigel Mills, Noa, Norah, Oden, Palmer, Penny, Pops, Phoebe Anderson-Dana, Quentin, Rebecca Johnson, Rosie, Ruslan, Sadie A, Sadie D, Sergio Avila, Sarah Kostin, Sharon & Children’s Book World, Tanner,
The Raposo Family, Tori Kerr, Westley, William A., Xavier, Zoe, Zora.